PADI Pro Internship

Looking for the best Dive Centre to choose? Well you have come to the right place..

Let's look at why...

1. Paradise Divers is located in the middle of all the main dive sites

2. We have a very large Dive Centre, dedicated classroom, kit and wash rooms, compressor and servicing room, reception room and retail area.. This is just inside, outside we have large spaces, we have two swimming pools therefore are available at all times for training and experience sessions.

3. We will train you to a very high standard, if you are not making the grade, we will push you and coach you to meet our standards, we do not give you the Divemaster certification just because you completed the required sections but when you and us are comfortable that you have surpassed the skills and have gained enough experience. After all, once qualified you will be able to take customers on your own!!

4. The course will be provided at cost... (you will pay only for the PADI Materials, accomodation and personal expenditure)

5. How can we provide this course at cost.. Well, we both gain from your course.. You gain your training, experience and certification and you give us your help and support whilst you are with us. This is the easiest and best way of becoming a Pro as you will be gaining experiences in working with our Instructors at a Dive Centre and courses/guided dives rather than scenarios as many other Centres do.

6. You will have lifetime help and a team to talk to should you need help or advise during and once you have completed the internship. Who knows, you may like it here and stay in Tenerife...

So how does it work...

The first step is to make the best decision you have ever made, decide to go Pro with PADI, the largest and world wide recognised Diving organisation in the World, the next best decision is to select Paradise Divers for your internship.

As mentioned before we pride ourselves in our quality, therefore the second step is to meet the following 4 pre-requesites:

a). Be PADI trained or equivalent from other organisations to an Open Water Advanced Level

b). Have done 10 dives

c). Be available for 3 months in Tenerife

d). Be able to find accomodation (we can help) and sustain a living during the time of the Internship

Can you answer "yes" to the 4 points above? then what are you waiting for? get in contact..

Contact us and arrange a suitable time to talk to us by phone/skype if you are abroad, or if you are already in Tenerife, it would be better to come and see us and maybe do some diving, this is for two reasons, to see your style of diving and for you to see how we operate and check out some of the dive sites.

Once you have done all of the above, you will be well into booking your flights, find accomodation and get diving...

If you will be required to do the 1st Aid course and Rescue before your Divemaster course then the total cost for the material is €360. If you are already a Rescue Diver and have a current EFR cert, then the cost is €250. Everything else is free of charge, including Servicing of your kit, Air fills, Tanks and Weights and of course all tuition as previously mentioned.

Do you have any questions? then give us a call and we will be happy to go through the details with you. You may also visit our blog to see what our current Divemaster Interns are up to. Click here to see the Blog